MIXT Elements is an eclectic mix of jewelry, cultures, and ideas.  Representative of the company's philosophies and practices, MIXT Elements prides itself in helping to make the world a better place by offering many handmade pieces that in turn help encourage a better life for people around the globe. Although MIXT Elements offers products from many different countries, we are especially proud of our items made in the USA. A portion of our profits will be donated to various charities of our choosing throughout the year. This is another way we like to give back and make a difference.

The selection we feature is a mixture of different elements offered in the marketplace. We take much time scouting the most unique, fun, interesting pieces so that you can feel as though you are wearing or gifting something that is truly special. Because of the nature of our wares, we generally do not carry a surplus. (Hint) If you like it buy it, we may not be able to get another. Our handmade collections, although similar will never be exactly the same. That being said, our items will continually change. 

In addition, we will offer some items that are not handmade but will be fun to accessorize with. Our handmade piecess will state that they are handmade.

We would like to thank you for shopping with MIXT Elements. Please feel free to contact us, we always welcome any questions or feedback.

Warmest Regards,

The Team at MIXT Elements